Development for the future

Nursing Home Development

Many of existing nursing facilities and retirement housing are decades old.  The physical plans are based upon a medical model of institutional care.  The housing of the past is comprised of small units with a tired and outdated look.

Tomorrow’s elders are driving the many changes toward an environment of private rooms with a residential design that promotes independence and choice.  Whether you are remodeling or replacing, the new design should inspire and uplift the elders day to day life.

To achieve this vision of a changed environment, requires careful study, planning and execution.  A market analysis determines the demand and supply for services.  This is followed with an consensus building session with management, staff and board to clearly identify their “preferred future”.  Once everyone knows what the organization will look like in five years, then a preliminary architectural plan can be developed that contains the basic elements of the new settings.  A financial feasibility study is then completed to verify the workability of the new project.  Finally, the securing of permanent financing for the project is secured and construction can begin.

We can help with the coordination of all of these components. All of the costs involved in the project planning can be recouped with the permanent financing of the project.



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