Strategic Planning



With the advent of Medicaid and Medicare managed care around the corner, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living and continuing care retirement communities are changing and transforming their organizations.  Managers of senior living organizations must develop specific and effective actions that will position their organization ahead of the other competitors in the marketplace. 

We have developed a simple, effective and results orientated planning process to help you and your team.  We have a three step process:

Step I. We begin with a demographic and competitive market analysis that identifies the supply and demand for the future for skilled nursing, assisted living and independent living.

Step II. We conduct planning sessions with your key stakeholders, board, staff, residents to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to your organization.  We also conduct an operational analysis to determine where there may be operating efficiencies for the organization.

Step III.  Utilizing the data from the market analysis along with the preferred future create by the group planning sessions, we facilitate the process of setting strategies and goals for the future.

When it comes to the implementation of the strategic plan into a workable framework, we focus our efforts in working with your team in finding those solutions that best meet your needs.  We build the support with your board and staff in the creation of the plan. In this way, the success of implementing the plan is highly achieved. 



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